History and Future of the Racism Free Zone Project(tm)

Arts & Technology Academy was partially born out of a combination of students from Jefferson Middle School and 

Magnet Arts Elementary School. These schools made history by declaring the building a Racism Free Zone. Although these two schools no longer exist, the tradition of working toward the eradication of racism is still alive and strong. A Racism Free Zone means that students

and staff do not tolerate racism and other forms of discrimination. All people are welcome in this school. No one is called by a name other than their own or put down or isolated for who they are. Upon the opening of this new school, the students and staff issued the following declaration:

Arts & Technology Academy’s Racism Free Zone Declaration

We, the students of Arts and Technology Academy declare our school to be a Racism Free Zone.

  • Our school will be free and open to all people without regard to cultural or color differences.
  • No racist remark or harassment will be allowed.
  • Any such actions will result in serious consequences and educational opportunities.
  • Our school will be respectful to people of all races and cultures.
  • All people will be welcomed here.
  • We will do our very best to get rid of racism from our school and the world.

This re-dedication included training the staff on the racial sensitivity, cross-cultural communication, and cultural sharing. 

Students receive a training on what a Racism Free Zone means and what their part is in holding themselves to high standards of respect.

Since 1982, Bahati has gone on to create projects all over the nation and abroad. She recently for the UN Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa and presented her RFZ Model to the world. Next year there will be several projects starting in South Africa.


  • Jefferson Middle School, Eugene Oregon 
  • Cal Young Middle School, Eugene, Oregon

  • St. Cloud State University, Minnesota 
  • City of Eugene, Diversity Committees

  • Western Rivers Girls Scout Council
  • Eugene McKenzie Elementary School, Oregon

There's plenty room.  Join us.*

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