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 The Racism Free Zone(tm) Declaration

Rev. Jessie Jackson 

Signing the Spenser Butte Middle School's Racism Free Zone TM Declaration During His  Campaign Stop for

1989 US President at the University of Oregon. 

The Racism Free Zone™Declaration was presented to Spenser Butte Middle School at an assembly, spring term, 1989.   Pete Mandrapa reminded the principal that to be a true RFZ, the staff had to receive training from Ms. Ansari on racial sensitivity and cultural awareness. He said, "you can't be an RFZ by just hanging a sign on the wall." Eventually, Dr. Bob Bolden became principal in 1990, and he, Katherine Gorham and Pete Mandrapa organized an RFZ training through two of Ms. Ansari's colleagues, Marian Malcolm and Guadalupe Quinn, since Bahati Ansari had moved to Maryland. 

That year, the first Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. Assembly was organized and Jefferson marched as the RFZ entry in the Eugene celebration parade.   Jefferson Middle School joined Spencer Butte Middle School (1988) as the first RFZ schools

In the nation there are RFZ™ schools,  around the country. Bahati took her training on a national level. It is now called The National Racism Free Zone™ Institute.

 In 2000, Principal Paul Jorgensen invited the NRFZ™ and Bahati Ansari to have an office at Jefferson Middle School.  Ms. Ansari points to Jefferson as a showcase model RFZ School.

Jefferson was once a troubled school, now, Jefferson is a role model in the city and the nation of what a community should be. We march every year in the Eugene celebration as an RFZ. We put on a major re-dedication assembly in honor of Dr. Martin Luther king every year. Our students are seen as leaders in the community. The impressive thing is that the school turned around because the students took leadership and insisted upon it.



We, the Students of Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Magnet Arts, declare our school to be a Racism Free Zone.(tm) 

 Our school will be free and open to all people without regard to cultural or color differences.

 No racist remark or harassment will be allowed.

Any such actions will result in serious consequences.

 All people are welcomes here.

We will do our very best to get rid of racism from our school and the world.

 By signing this declaration you are joining us in  standing up against intimidation and harassment, fights, name calling, turf, signs and symbols and other divisiveness associated with gangs.


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