Participants and staff in SEED 

New Leaders' Training 26A and 26B, 2012 

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity: Teacher-led faculty development seminars that help create equitable multicultural and gender-balanced curricula by using inclusive teaching methods.

The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum is the nation's largest K-12 faculty development project. It engages public school, private school, and college teachers from all subject areas, grade levels, and geographic locations in the quest for gender-fair, multicultural education that equally includes every student, regardless of their background.

SEED is a program of the Wellesley Centers for Women at Welleley College.

 Bahati, community organizers from Portland Oregon, students from all Eugene 4j School's during the first organized MLK community-wide march.

Crestlane Elementary Racism Free Zone(tm) Celebration. 

 Crestlane Elementary Classroom RFZ Declaration(cm)

 Eugene, Oregon $J School District's ,Spensor Butte Middle School's incident that initiated their school's decision to become the first "school-wide Racism Free Zone(tm)"

Bahati returned to Creslane Elementary for several annual re-dedication ceremonies, at one of which she met Bertha Holt of Holt Adoption Agencies©.


United States Presidential Canadite, Rev. Jesse Jackson, signed the RFZ Spensor Butte's Declaration, during his canpaign stop on the University of Oregon campus in 1988

"Project REACH (tm) Multicultral Fair" is an activity that RFZ schools present yearly.  This is Crestlane Elementary Schools REACH event,