The National Racism Free Zone Project™ History

In 1982, in Eugene Oregon, Bahati Ansari, a concerned parent fed up with the growing racial harassment encountered by her children, as well as others in a public school and the reluctance of school officials to respond to it, pulled her two sons out of the system.  She organized a coalition of other parents, clergy and individual school staff, to take action.

  •  The recommendations of the 4J Racial Justice Task-force was to:  incorporate a Racial Harassment policy statement in the student and parent handbook,  to begin a broad cross-cultural training for teachers, administrators, new teachers still in college and other important staff dealing with children.

“Although the policy statement was adopted unanimously by the school board, the statement alone was not about to solve the deeper more insidious problem that existed within the hearts and mind of the staff and children”. 

Bahati created the concept of creating a Racism Free Zone™. The idea was quickly accepted and this began the 30+ years development district and nationwide.  Since 1982 the project has been established in 23+ sites across country.  

Covering schools, churches, non-profits, colleges and government institutions in the last twenty years have been very rewarding.

Bahati was invited to present this project by the 2001 UN Nations Conference Against Racism & Xenophobia in Durban, South Africa.

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