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“I have spent ten years developing this workshop to be a sensitive, healing and insightful tool for working with people around issues of racism and cultural differences”.   This workshop is based on the premise that racism has been with us for a long time and will not leave in an eight hour or in a two day session:

·        starts the fundamental process of initiating the personal search for understanding racism, how it appears in one's own life and in institutions.

·        allows time for discussion, dialogue, small group activity and various participatory exercises.  It is designed to educate, challenge, empower and begin the “healing” process.--Bahati Ansari

 The eight hour in-service educational workshop will offer these elements:  

·        the importance of culture

·         personal and interpersonal style

·         self-assessment and its relationship to work

·         language barrier

·        developing strategies for follow-up

·        developing strategies to avoid liability in a culturally sensitive situation

I should also add, we do have fun!

Next Steps

1.      Start by inviting the RFZ Team to work with your organization or working group that would provide a presentation, which helps everyone understand the hurt and unfairness of racism.  The presentation/workshop includes empathy exercises, to give each participant some points of contact with the experience of racism.

2.      The participating group then undertakes a self-assessment to discover where more information is required and where attitudes need changing. 

3.      The group them formulates it’s own RFZ Declaration or statement of commitment in the participants own words and after the dedication process the real work begins to continue to make this real.

4.      The RFZ approach has been implemented in schools in all subject areas, as students create RFZ logos, posters, banners and art murals.  They also write letters supporting racial justice in language arts classes, and research the contributions of all peoples in science or social studies classes.  They also are involved in many community projects around this issue.

Workshop Goals:

  • To encourage individuals to take responsibility for eliminating racism and all forms of hatred in their everyday lives.
  • Obtain background and history of the RFZ and it’s successes
  • Your role in making the Racism Free Work Zone valuable to the your organization or campus.
  • Discuss challenges to to implementation of a RFZ program and how to overcome those barriers.
  • Next steps to incorporating the program within your environment.

Bahati works with schools, states, and districts to design and deliver high-quality, client-centered professional development services.

The RFZ program is a trademark of The National Racism Free Zone Institute(tm). 
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