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Who Are We?

Racism Free Zones™ are a grass roots, community-based response designed to challenge racism and to affirm the humanity of people of all colors, faiths, and cultures. The goal of the Racism Free Zone Project ™ is to encourage individuals and groups to take responsibility for eliminating racism.

Creating a Racism Free Zone™ is a project each organization or individual does for itself. We (RFZ) can provide ideas, guidance, materials, and presentations, but the essence of the concept is that individuals accept responsibility for ridding themselves and their organizations of racism.


Workshops are intended for people who want to deal effectively with the issue of racism, both overt and unconscious, and to learn how to be more culturally sensitive in their professional practice. Participants in the workshop will be trained to establish Racism Free Zone™ Projects ™in their areas and will be required to set up models in other areas as well as re-dedication yearly. They will also be encouraged to maintain contact with each other, to exchange ideas, experiences, and support. Registered & Protected


  • "Teaching Diversity in the Classroom"
  • "Creating a Racism Free Zone Classroom"
  • "Taking Responsibility for YOUR Actions"
  • Reading, Writing & Racism"
  • Developing Gender Awareness
  • "Bullying" Not Just Child's Play!
  • "Biases That Are Taught in the Classroom, Are Breeding Ground for Discrimination & Harassment  in the Workplace"
  • One Size Does Not Fit All!
  • Parent Power
  • What Makes a Meaningful Relationship with Parents?
  • Parents are People Too!
  • Collaboration, Not Intimidation!
  • When Employers are the "BULLIES"!



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